Monday, February 20, 2012

so little time

hi there
its 1210am tomorrow is a working day and im still up!!
just got back from dinner with dils, reena and eki
which is normally not a quick one :))

anyway, baru lepas mandi so im fresh and definitely tak ngnatuk
since my hdd is now with dils (which she promised to return tomorrow)
and nothing good is on tv
terpkasal check for the millionth time my google reader hehehe

and somehow from one of the link i subcribe ter blog-hopped to here
and there was one post on arkana
yes its that arkana!! i used to love their "so little time" song and up until now i have no idea how they looked like heheh

so here's to arkana
i didnt even know they are still around!! are theyy? sat lagi la google

nitey nite
till then
cau cincau

Saturday, February 18, 2012


i love leslie cheung!!
stephen chow
anita yuen
sammi cheng
anita mui
do do cheng
chow yuen fatt
andy lau
tony leung
daniel wu
richie ren

thats all i can remember on top of my head now ehehhe

actually just watched "who's the woman, who's the man" on tv8 with leslie cheung in it. loves. not the movie. him. too bad he had to commit suicide.

i used to like chinese drama, movies
action, romantic, drama, semua pun ada
then sejak umur meningkat dewasa (agaknyala) i kinda migrated to korean and japanese drama which most of it are sappy, love fairy tale kind which i like also cheewahh

anyways i grew up watching chinese drama. ye every jam 6 petang ok
then masa masuk boarding school, rasa sgt gelisah sbb instead of watching tv, kena pergi "main petang" iaitu duduk di taman. actually cant remember what i normallly do. takkan duduk je kan. wah so inactive! hjeheheh citer skolah we make a different entry la ok.

i remembered, masa cuti after spm, i will cycle to kedai sewa video tape ETAK VIDEO and rent every subsequent days stephen chow's movie. i think ive seen all his movies old and new at that time la. it was awesome. subsequent years after that he had a few great movies including kungfu hustle. but i was soooOOOOoo disappointed with CJ7. although still funny but not stephen chau's kinda funny :(

after all those chinese drama, the only cantonese words i know are:

1. chi sin (crazy)
2. wa ta se ni (i hit you until you die - my aunty english tuition taught me this hehe)
3. wo ai ni (i love you)
4. kow meng aaa (help me?)
5. pu kenang (no more? learnt this from tv ad for fab kot)
6. mo wa (no lah?)
7. ni hao ma (how are you)
8. emm tak (cannot)
9. emm kau cho (really??)
and finally
10. %&@$%^$@ (sorry this is a G-rated blog. i thought it mean "wow" instead its actually a bad word heheh)

still. not bad antusemut. not bad at all

till then
chau "sing chi" chau

Saturday, February 04, 2012

Sherlock: I'm Sexy and I know it

I'm in love, smitten, major crush with this Sherlock heheh

longer version if you want more. yes you do!

got admitted for the 2nd time in 3 months for kidney infection isk isk
this time instead of a single bed room, sbb bilik penuh i got a 4 bed room
and get to meet 2 new friends who were also entitled for a single bed room
apart from the great chit chats
mlm tidur was not scary at all heheh
now ive got 3 doctors from tmc whom I will be meeting for followup checks
i think my kidney also letih

so here's to drinking more water!!!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

this is last week news which i forgot to jot down

"Syukur Alhamdulillah!!"
rasa nk sentap but whats the point..

finally made up with the fren.
missed her lots. wished we had metup sooner but i dont do conventional apologies.
trust me i normally dont do apologies, pujuk, etc.

buuuttt the husband is another story.
i just found out he was the one who was extra mad at me.
he wouldnt even look at me (which i think is very rude)
serius rasa nk sentap and wanted to ask him "wtf??!!apehalu!!!??"
tataula bila he's gonna be ok.
for now, im just thankful that everything is back to norm with the fren ( i thinkla unless the husband still wants to make it big, than i cant help much, can i?)

till then
cau cincau

Friday, January 13, 2012

need to get this off my chest.

a good fren is currently mad at me
but in truth she didnt know that i initially sentap first because she changed plan and simply thot i would comply
its actually small and she's actually helping me out but being me i hate last minute change so i did a 360 degress change also hhehe
and thot that was the end of it
rupenya up till today sentap dia tak abis :(
and the bad things is i tak perasan pun dia sentap isk isk

so for the new year im trying to take it easy.
terus ada new year's resolution hahah
1. kurangkan marah
2. kurangkan rasa nak marah
3. kurangkan menyentap (bukan mensantap ye)
4. jangan tinggal or tertinggal solat o_O
5. sila habiskan ganti puasa on time

ok sikit2 dulu ye

till then
see you later alligators